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a graceful element, a tasteful element; do you know who i am? 🍎 tlv permissions

CONTACT METHOD: Plurk (fivepointpalm) or AIM (mintyfreshevil)
THREAD-JACKING: Please please do!
FOURTH WALLING / CANON PUNCTURE: It’s all right for someone to recognize Crowley from the book, although I’d prefer any of the small bits of canon set afterward (largely posted on Gaiman’s blog) not be known. If for some reason someone wants to recognize his PB (model Michael Gandolfi), that’s fine. Crowley is up-to-date on events in his world, so can’t be “spoiled” for future canon events.
BACKTAGGING: Go for it. We all do it, including me.
AVOIDED TOPICS: Abuse/bullying of mentally ill people. Aside from that I’m more or less impossible to disturb.

CURRENT CANON POINT: Post-book, from his 2006 New Year’s Resolutions.
PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION: Crowley’s human body is that of a young Caucasian man in his late twenties or early thirties, 5’11”, handsome, lithe, and dark-haired with great cheekbones. He has some serpentine aspects too: a forked snake tongue and yellow snake eyes. The eyes are why he wears sunglasses constantly. He’s always well-groomed, wearing expensive and fashionable tailored clothes – day-to-day attire is usually a fine suit, but he switches it up. He smells of expensive cologne with an almost-imperceptible hint of snakeskin and sulfur. His accent is English and educated, but when he gets worked up he has a tendency to hissssss.
DEMEANOR: Crowley is standoffish, cynically philosophical, and snarky, whether with strangers or friends. He tends to be mischievous, playing small and mostly harmless pranks on people. Albeit with a dry sense of humor he can get more personable, flirting or cajoling or debating depending on whom he meets.
ABILITIES: See his app’s power section, as well as revisions.
MEDICAL INFORMATION: Crowley can heal his own minor injuries or sicknesses/poisonings. Life-threatening injuries will require assistance, as his human body can die.
CABIN INFORMATION: This is his London apartment, with a regular 20th-century front door and locks, the number on display. The inside is very modern and looks like something out of an interior design catalogue, largely white and furnished with tasteful sketches. It has a kitchen, living room, bathroom, bedroom, and office. The living room has a large collection of potted plants, all exceptionally verdant and lush. (And terrified of Crowley.) He has a TV, a sound system with no speakers (that nonetheless plays music perfectly), and of course Blu-Ray. All his furniture is ridiculously expensive imported Scandinavian stuff, minimalistic and stark.
OFFENSIVE SUBJECTS: As a demon Crowley has seen a great deal of abominations and violence. He doesn’t like any of these but he would be hard to shock. He will protest against needless cruelty and sexual assaults but otherwise isn’t easily rattled.

MENTAL: This may or may not be possible depending on circumstance/who attempts it. Tentative I’d-like-to, but contact me first.
VIOLENCE: You can try, but Crowley will probably run or attempt to play a trick instead of fighting.
MAGIC: He’s very susceptible to magical attacks/rituals/rules, so yes please.
DEBATE: Yes, especially if it’s theological or religious.
OTHER / NOTES: Opt-out page for CR preferences and/or snake icons.

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