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[Spam for Arthas]
[Crowley appears a bit too calm for someone who is now on the clock. Especially for someone whose inmate is a cautionary tale of megalomania and terrifying necromancy mixed in with pride before falls and deals with the devil (although he thinks he can do something with that). Yes, he's actually kind of nervous, but he's reminding himself very hard that beneath it all Arthas is human.

That makes him no less dangerous, but it puts him on more familiar ground. Crowley likes humans. He'll just have to give himself a little time to synthesize "human" with "undead and homicidal."

When he gets to Arthas' door he knocks and opens it to the barrier Pounce put up, and leans against the frame with an unlit cigarette between his lips.

Well you're fucked, aren't you?

It's been six months and no one realized I was a warden? Ask someone to open one door for you and suddenly you're the bad guy. You don't have much faith in your fellow man, do you?

Probably prudent.

Anyway, just a note: [the camera catches Arthas' door, open to the hallway but blocked by what looks like a wall of purple fire.] The faceless voiceless authority has spoken and zombie Alexander the Great is mine. Get your own.


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