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[Video (backdated to the 12th)]
[Crowley has kept his new powers virtually under wraps, using the new abilities to please himself alone: he adds a few more rooms to his cabin, updates all of his cutting-edge furniture, and does a few truly hideous things to houseplants that dramatically thrive in terror.

Now he's gotten bored, and has decided to treat the Barge to a bit of music. On loop.

Enjoying the soundtrack? I'll change the song if anyone can suggest a better one. ["Better" here meaning "even more annoying."]

[Port spam (current)]
[Paris is a nice return to normality for Crowley. He's been before, and walking the familiar streets is almost comforting. No magic to worry about, no monsters beyond those he shares a boat with, and the food is exquisite - he missed that. The limitless credit cards he wished up for himself are serving him well, and he takes the opportunity to spoil himself.

Fancy cigarettes. Good wine. New suits. A Maserati Granturismo.

He careens down the crowded city streets at 120kph, getting away with it simply because humans know it's physically impossible; he rents a floor of a five-star hotel; he haunts the most expensive restaurants and shames the waiters; he hits nightclubs and usually walks out with at least one gorgeous young Parisian.

It's a good port.
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